"Dedicated to the work of health and healing."

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services is a community based service that assists adults in managing mental health symptoms while living in a community. Services are generally provided in home or the community and individually or in a group setting. SHBH is certified in Beltrami and Cass counties.

Children’s Therapeutic Support Services
is a program designed to assist children in addressing behavioral and emotional needs. CTSS addresses conditions of emotional disturbance that impair and interfere with individual’s ability to function independently. We meet children and families where they are at in their journey and walk alongside them to regain independence.

The Sexual Offender Treatment Program
provides treatment for sex offenders in a large geographic region of northern Minnesota. As required, the program works closely with the judicial system and probation to offer specialized assessments and therapeutic strategies.

The Access Clinic
provides a diverse range of services by mental health providers to children and adults. Individual and family therapy are the most common services requested. Individuals seeking therapy services must first complete an application for a Diagnostic Assessment (DA). Once the application is complete, individuals will be scheduled for an appointment to complete the DA with one of the qualified mental health providers and follow-up appointments will be scheduled based on that assessment. 

Mental Health Crisis Response Services responds to an immediate crisis intervention, assessment, supportive counseling, linkage and follow up services for individual and families facing various types of crisis.

Sanford Housing Program recognizes that housing is a basic right and that following a service plan will be easier when housing is established. The program focuses on giving the opportunity for tenets to learn skills to successfully manage a lease, develop housing crisis and housing stabilization plan, and maintain permanent housing.

Program for Addiction Recovery is a structured substance abuse outpatient treatment program. Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Group Therapy services related to co-occurring disorders are provided in conjunction with substance abuse treatment. PAR is offered in both Bemidji and Park Rapids locations. PAR also offers culturally specific services for Native Americans.


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