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Sanford Housing Program
Sanford Housing Program recognizes that housing is a basic right and that following a service plan will be easier when housing is established. The program focuses on giving the opportunity for tenets to learn skills to successfully manage a lease, develop housing crisis and housing stabilization plan, and maintain permanent housing.

Recognizing that housing is a basic need that needs to be met before stability can be achieved, and the opposite is nearly impossible.

Our Focus
• Choice of housing
• Separation of housing from services
• Decent, safe, and affordable housing
• Housing integration
• Access to housing
• Flexible, voluntary, and recovery-focused services

Possible Referrals To
• Individual, family or group therapy
• Supported employment
• Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)
• Peer Support Services (PSS)
• Substance Use Disorder Services
• Medical Services
• GED Services
• Case Management
• Medication Management

*Funding for this project is provided by the MN Department of Human Services.


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