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Sexual Offender Treatment Program (SOTP)
The SOTP Mission Statement: "To provide quality and comprehensive treatment to sex offenders, which is evidence based, ethical, fiscally responsible, and public safety focused. The primary focus of our treatment program is the safety of the community. Our secondary mission is improving the lives of offenders and in the prevention of future victims...Working collaboratively with all agencies involved with offenders

and their families is essential to the success of the treatment program."

Sexual Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) is an outpatient treatment program that works with convicted sex offenders who are generally referred as a result of a court order mandating completion of sex offender treatment. Treatment is provided in a group setting and is open to adolescent, female/male, and low functioning adults. Groups meet in multiple locations across North Central and North Western Minnesota.

The SOTP program works closely with the Department of Corrections, county social services, victim advocacy groups, families, and U.S. Probation.

Treatment services can be billed to most insurance plans. There is also a "self-pay" option for those who do not have insurance, based on a monthly fee, dependent on the different phases of treatment (primary $150 per month; integration $100 per month). Polygraphs, which are required as a part of treatment, are not covered by insurance. In addition to group sessions, individual and family sessions are available as needed to provide additional support to the offenders.


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