"Dedicated to the work of health and healing."

ARMHS - Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services begin with a Diagnostic Assessment that can be obtained through our Access Clinic or through a scheduled appointment. The Symptom Management and Recovery Group consists of a series of weekly sessions where mental health practitioners help individuals who have experienced mental health symptoms develop personalized strategies for managing their symptoms and move forward in their lives.

CTSS - Children's Therapeutic Support Services offers community, school-based and home-based services to children meeting program criteria including diagnosis. This service makes an impact on the children and family in the home, school and community. CTSS is a flexible package of mental health services for children who require varying therapeutic and rehabilitative levels of intervention. 

SAT - SAT is the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program provides treatment for sex offenders in a large geographic region of northern Minnesota. As required, the program works closely with the judicial system and probation to offer specialized assessments and therapeutic strategies.

MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM - The Mental Health Program provides a diverse range of services by Licensed Mental Health Professionals to both children and adults. 

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